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Myths &Truths

There’ve been some outrageous myths associated with braces and the braces lifestyle. Orthodontics today is an advanced specialized branch of dental sciences which can explain the scientific facts, behind these unacceptable myths.

MYTH 1:      

Orthodontic procedures (Braces) are continuously painful.

TRUTH 1:        

Perhaps when first applied, the appliance may cause a slight discomfort. However, after a day or so, the teeth and mouth adjust and before long, the braces will go unnoticed to the patient. After the adaptation period braces are quite comfortable. The teeth and jaws may be a little sore after each visit, but the discomfort will be brief.

 MYTH 2:

Straightening teeth (Braces) are only for children and teenagers, the elderly cannot undergo orthodontic treatment.


Age is not a limiting factor. Orthodontic treatment can be of greater benefit for both adults and children. There is no upper age limit for orthodontic treatment provided your teeth, bones and gums are healthy. The most important is the nature and discrepancy of the problem, onset of the problem and management.


You need to have teeth extracted before braces can be fitted. Removal of teeth is a must for braces.


Extraction requirements differ from person to person and can only be ascertained by a thorough diagnosis. The majority of treatments are now carried out without removing any teeth. Nevertheless, hundred years of orthodontics from the history of domestic and international point of view, extraction treatment relative to non-extraction treatment had no significant harm.

MYTH 4:  

Removal of teeth for braces treatment affects vision.

TRUTH 4:    

The nerve supply to teeth and eye is entirely different and they are not related. There is a misconception among people that removal of teeth affects vision. Vision is not affected in any way by undergoing dental treatment with extractions.


Braces make teeth weaker and more mobile.


Quite the contrary! Successfully treated teeth are more effective at load bearing and are less likely to be ground down. Orthodontics is induced by light orthodontic force tooth movement. As the process is gradual, the teeth are stable. Braces position teeth in their appropriate positions in the jaw bone, thus making them structurally stronger .


Braces are very noticeable and call attention to them and would be embarrassing.


Today, there are more options to straighten teeth with braces that are aesthetically pleasing. So they won’t interfere with your personal or professional life. New technology is allowing treatment to be more comfortable, less visible, and more efficient. New cosmetic braces that have clear or tooth colored (Ceramic)  brackets are now available that minimize the appearance of braces. Moreover, invisible (Lingual) braces are unseen, placed on the back side of the teeth.

MYTH 7:      

Conventional Orthodontic treatment takes several years.


Braces are used to straighten your teeth gradually – not overnight – so a little patience is needed during the process. You can expect the average single phase treatment time to last 12 to 18 months depending on the severity of your or your child’s correction needs. Treatment time can vary from 6 to 18 months. The problems, needs and demands of each patient are unique. Therefore, the length and type of treatment can only be determined after thorough evaluation


After removal, teeth just move back to their old position again.


Minor tooth movements are normal throughout life, but if you wear retainers as instructed at the end of treatment, your teeth should remain aligned.