COVID Vaccine & Dental Treatment- Demystified(3)

COVID Vaccine & Dental Treatment- Demystified

Earlier all the practicing dentists commonly face these questions very often.

Is root canal a painful procedure?

What food do I have to take after tooth removal?

Is it ok to take a bath the next day after extraction?

We can’t deny the truth that these are uncertain and unpredictable times. In this pandemic, if we have a small health complaint or issue, we think it is due to Coronavirus. Doubts among the general people are increasing exponentially with the number of COVID cases.

Earlier it was about the safety of the vaccine and vaccine hesitancy. Now it is about the interactions of the covid vaccine and any form of dental treatment.

Is it safe to go to the dentist after you get the COVID vaccine?-  is in the minds of many individuals.

Recently there was a fake viral message about covid vaccine and dentistry which spread faster than Coronavirus. Take a look at this fake viral message, and find out what the truth really is.

Myth: Postpone all dental procedures before or after vaccination.

Truth:  Your dental procedures won’t impact your vaccine effects or efficacy. No prohibitions of any form of dental procedures after Covid vaccination.

It is recommended that you monitor your symptoms after vaccination. If your symptoms worsen after two to three days of vaccination, you could be sick with a cold or another bacterial or viral illness. If you have a dentist appointment scheduled during this time, it is best to reschedule.

But in this pandemic time, the majority of people prefer to visit dentists only for emergency dental procedures rather than regular dental check-ups.

Myth: You shouldn’t take any pain killer tablets or antibiotics while dental treatment after the covid vaccine.

Truth: CDC says that painkillers like ibuprofen, acetaminophen (paracetamol), aspirin, and antihistamines are safe to take after getting vaccinated. There are no issues in having dental work right after getting vaccinated

Myth: Covid vaccine reacts with local anesthetic injection and leads to lethal effects.

Truth: To date, there is no scientific evidence to validate this misinformation. Covid vaccines are just a mockup trial for our immune system. Nothing else.

They just mimic the very minimal real form of SARS-CoV-2 viral infection, so that our immune system can learn to identify it and create antibodies against the real virus.

They do NOT react with anything else in your body. They certainly will NOT turn the dentist’s local anesthetic injection into poison.

Myth: After Covid vaccination, we have to wait for 4-6 weeks for any form of dental treatment.

Truth:  There are no warnings from WHO or ICMR or CDC about this vaccination and delaying medical procedures. Most routine screening, medical and dental procedures can be performed before or after vaccination. Worldwide researches and studies confirm it is safe to receive anesthesia during dental treatment in vaccinated individuals.

Don’t trust a fake WhatsApp message, written by an unknown person. Identify the real facts from the research studies and seek expert advice from your health care professionals.

As trusted health professionals, dentists are positioned daily to create awareness about COVID-19 vaccination with their patients and the public, instill confidence about the COVID-19 vaccine, and ultimately influence their patients’ decision-making about the vaccine.

What is SAKTI Dental Doing to Ensure Patient Safety?

Sakti Dental remains committed to providing a safe and protected environment for our patients and staff, and so we continue to follow all precautions and guidelines as set forth by health authorities.

This includes a comprehensive set of safety protocols and requirements for visiting patients, staff, and for our clinic spaces to minimize the risks of potential exposure and maintain a safe environment.

Regardless of vaccination status, all patients entering the clinic spaces will be required to wear facemasks, and a Sakti Dental team member will conduct a symptom screening when you arrive. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the clinic, physical distancing measures are still in place, and the number of people inside the building is kept to a minimum.

All staff is equipped with a set of personal protective equipment (PPE), including face masks, face shields, and respirators as required. In addition, clear barriers and room dividers are in place to prevent airborne particles from spreading from one space to another, and in-room HEPA air filtration systems are continually running to sanitize the air inside the clinic.

At the end of each day, a top-to-bottom sanitization of all clinic spaces and surfaces is performed. Each morning when the clinic opens its doors again, the entire environment is disinfected and ready for the day.

We consider the safety of our patients and staff our absolute top priority, and are continually working to provide the highest levels of protection for all individuals who enter our clinic spaces.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

Dr. Shiva Sankar

Dr. Shiva Sankar is the Clinical Director and Orthodontist at Sakti Dental Clinic, Tirunelveli with over 18+ years of experience in dentistry. He is also a Professor in the Department of Orthodontics, Rajas Dental College affiliated to, Dr.MGR Medical University. Dr. Shiva Sankar frequently publishes research papers in leading scientific national and international journals.

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