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Home Remedies For Dry Lips

Best Home Remedies For Dry Lips

The winter is fast approaching, and the temperature change also changes our beauty routine because the skin needs are transformed according to the season.

A prevalent condition at the arrival of the coldest months of the year is dry lips, characterized by cracks and shedding of the skin in the mouth, which in addition to being uncomfortable, can cause wounds that take days to heal.

To prevent the problem from getting worse, we leave you some home remedies to treat chapped lips as soon as you start to notice them and have a shining smile.

Causes of Chapped lips

Chapped lips are caused by several factors, the most common of which are: low temperatures, frequent exposure to the sun without protection, and dehydration.

However, this condition can also develop more seriously due to an allergic reaction, radiation therapy treatment, or as a side effect of certain acne medications.

Home remedies for dry lips

We have all been tempted to lick our lips to try to hydrate them as they feel dry. However, this only causes them to become drier and increases irritation and pain.

The reason is that saliva affects contrary to what we are looking for. Its enzymes dehydrate the lips instead of healing them. So forget that habit and start by trying one of the following remedies:

1. Aloe vera

The use of aloe vera as a medicinal plant dates back hundreds of years, so it should come as no surprise that it is a common ingredient in face masks and gels to relieve sunburn.

One of its many benefits for the skin is precisely to treat dry lips thanks to its moisturizing effect, and you should only apply directly to the lips. Of course, we warn you that its bitter taste is not pleasant at all.

2. Coconut oil

Is there something that this flagship product cannot remedy? Coconut oil has become one of the go-to beauty products for all women looking to stay young and radiant.

In addition to its hydrating power, coconut oil creates a protective barrier that prevents liquids from evaporating. This keeps the skin moisturized and speeds up the healing process.

3. Shea butter

Shea butter is another ingredient with emollient effects that prevent moisture from evaporating. However, unlike coconut oil, this product will provide your lips with important nutrients such as vitamins A and E while regenerating them and reducing inflammation.

This ingredient is prevalent in commercial lip balms, so do not hesitate to enjoy its properties in any presentation.

4. Beeswax

Another common ingredient in lip balms is beeswax. Like honey, it has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties; however, its consistency is more solid and similar to petroleum jelly.

It also has moisturizing and emollient characteristics that make it an ideal remedy for chapped lips.

5. Homemade scrub

When your lips start to feel dry, try exfoliating them with a homemade recipe to soften them as much as possible. A simple recipe is to combine coffee and sugar and massage gently for five minutes.

Then apply one of the products that we mentioned above, and you will notice the difference.

Dr. Shiva Sankar

Dr. Shiva Sankar is the Clinical Director and Orthodontist at Sakti Dental Clinic, Tirunelveli with over 18+ years of experience in dentistry. He is also a Professor in the Department of Orthodontics, Rajas Dental College affiliated to, Dr.MGR Medical University. Dr. Shiva Sankar frequently publishes research papers in leading scientific national and international journals.

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