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Why Do Many People Delay Going To The Dentist

Number One Reason Why Do Many People Delay Going To The Dentist ?

The burden of dental disease in India is increasing more and more .

Based on the ministry of health and family welfare reports, while tooth decay affects about 60% and Gum Disease(periodontal disease) about 85% of the Indian population, the country is considered the world capital for oral cancer.

According to the draft National Oral Health Policy 2018, the prevalence and recurrence of oral diseases in India is a silent epidemic. There has been next to no improvement in the oral health status of the Indian population in the past three decades.

In the earlier days, a lack of Dental Infrastructure and a lack of dental awareness was present.

But nowadays there are so many Dental clinics present even in a very small town also, and so many dental awareness tips, articles available online. So many free dental camps are conducted by many health organizations. 

 Still, dental and oral health issues are rising, people take dental care for granted until it creates severe tooth pain or swelling. 

Do you think it is the cost of the treatment? Absolutely not, compared to any western countries the dental treatment in India is very less.

It is not the money, it is not the time, it is not the awareness issue.

Even though there are so many other reasons or resistance to meet a dentist, the ultimate reason to delay the dental treatment is FEAR.

  • Fear of the unknown.
  • Believing the myth and hearsay.
  • Fear of the dental instrument noise
  • Fear of seeing all the instruments in the dental operator.
  • Fear of injection
  • Fear of tooth extraction 

In simple terms, all these phenomena come under Dental anxiety. More than 70-80% of people avoid going to the dental clinic because of this Dental anxiety only.

 If you have doubts you can ask this question to your friends or family members, they will confirm this is the prime reason they are avoiding meeting a dentist.

Dental anxiety is very common and can affect people of any age. 

Signs and symptoms of Dental anxiety

  • Excessive sweating
  • Increased  heartbeat
  • low blood pressure and possible fainting (syncope)
  • visible distress or signs of panic
  • withdrawal,  or aggression to mask anxiety

 Do you want to know, How Sakti Dental will help Patients With Dental Anxiety?

Empathy- Expertise- Excellence is our principle.

Our philosophy is to first understand your needs, then fully examine and diagnose your oral health condition and educate you on the appropriate course of action for your specific situation. We strive to do this in an office setting that is both pleasant and friendly, as well as having the highest level of cleanliness and patient protection.

Being a healthcare provider, it’s our duty to make sure that our patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as they can when they’re in our clinic, waiting room, or in a dental chair. 

 Here are a few things we usually advise our patients to consider if they’re dealing with fear or dental anxiety.

Strategies to Manage Dental Anxiety

At the very outset, We explain to our patients whatever procedure we are doing is mainly for their long-term oral health and happiness only and we explain step-by-step methods before starting any dental treatment and clarifying all their doubts during the consultation itself.

Deep breathing is still one of the best ways to manage any kind of anxiety, which generally causes hyperventilation and panic. If we have a patient who seems uncomfortable during their appointment, take a moment’s pause and advise them to try some basic deep breathing exercises before we continue.

 Distractions in the operating room can keep patients’ minds off of any discomfort or fear they’re experiencing. 

That is why Sakti Dental Clinic in Tirunelveli has a great ambiance that makes your dental experience unique. The soothing music, calm and friendly staff are also helpful to you. Your favorite comedy show on reception television reduces your adrenaline level while waiting. We allow a friend or family member to be in the treatment room during the checkup.

Sometimes, we encourage patients to show hand signals beforehand to help cope with anxiety. For example, telling a patient to say stop signal/hold up a closed fist if they want the current procedure to stop.

Just knowing they have the power to halt discomfort at any time can help patients cope with dental anxiety, even if they never end up using the hand signal.

There are other ways for severe dental phobia patients, Some medications (anxiety-reducing drugs) are of course the most popular ways to calm patients and treat more severe dental anxiety.

We have to be sympathetic to the fears and anxieties of such patients – indeed, of all patients – if we truly want to help them have a positive experience every time they come into our office.

Dr. Shiva Sankar

Dr. Shiva Sankar is the Clinical Director and Orthodontist at Sakti Dental Clinic, Tirunelveli with over 18+ years of experience in dentistry. He is also a Professor in the Department of Orthodontics, Rajas Dental College affiliated to, Dr.MGR Medical University. Dr. Shiva Sankar frequently publishes research papers in leading scientific national and international journals.

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