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Replacement of missing teeth – Prosthodontics

We can bring back your lost smile by means of artificial prosthesis. Based on study models & radiographic findings , your bone level, adjacent tooth support ,your age, your need – a systematic treatment plan counselling is done and the various options with its advantages and disadvantages, type of material used, longevity and durability of the prosthesis is discussed.

Various Tooth Replacement options

Removable prosthesis

  • Conventional Partial Denture – To replace a few missing teeth, rigid acrylic RPD is used
  • Flexible Denture – flexible type, instead of metal clasps it has acrylic extensions for support.
  • Complete Denture, BPS Denture, Over Dentures

Fixed prosthesis – Dental Crown & Bridges

  • Metal Ceramic crown :Conventionally these crowns have been made with metal with a ceramic coating to resemble the tooth.
  • Zirconia : Recently the CAD CAM industry have adapted industrial zirconia- a biomedical grade product that is manufactured using German material and technology, to offer you the perfect solution with excellent aesthetics.
  • Semi Precious Metal: A mixture of precious metal and base metals has been made to form semi precious alloy crowns that are more economical. They required less tooth structure to be removed for crown preparation.

Traditionally, replacing teeth are done using either Removable dentures or fixed crown and bridge. Removable dentures compromise the good quality of life causing difficulty in talking and discomfort at times. They also need to be removed and cleaned after every meal.

To have fixed crown and bridges the adjacent healthy teeth have to be reduced and sometimes root canal treated . In conditions where sound teeth are not present on both sides of the missing teeth then crown and bridge work is not feasible.

What Is a Dental Crown? 

A crown replaces/restores the damaged portions of the tooth. Even though it is an artificial prosthesis it exactly simulates the size, shape and shade of a natural tooth. A crown can safeguard a tooth while also improving its appearance. A dental crown can be made up of a variety of materials.

We can easily relate the shape of a dental crown simply by imagining a hat on top of our tooth or like it’s a helmet for our tooth.

Who needs a dental crown?

You may need a dental crown for various reasons, including:

  • Fractured tooth
  • Discolored tooth
  • Severely worn tooth 
  • Poor remaining tooth structure
  • A tooth with a very large filling
  • Abnormal tooth size/ shape
  • Root canal treated tooth
  • Replace missing teeth with crown & bridge
  • Cover a dental implant

What are the different types of dental crowns?

Crowns are available in a variety of materials. Metal alloys, all ceramics, porcelain fused to metal, and are some of the materials that can be used. Only in olden day movies, we can see people with golden color artificial teeth, but in reality, people prefer tooth color material that mimics our natural teeth.

Metal crowns:

Precious & Nonprecious metals (Gold, palladium, nickel, and chromium are some of the metals that can be used in dental crowns. Metal crowns are the least likely to chip or shatter, last the longest in terms of wear, and need only a modest amount of tooth removal. They’re also resistant to biting and chewing. The biggest disadvantage of this sort of crown is the metallic color. Metal crowns are mostly indicated in the nonvisible zone like the molar region.


The color of the teeth next to the crown can be matched with this type of dental crown. The hue of their teeth is more natural. However, the metal behind the porcelain cover of the crown occasionally peeks through as a dark line and the metal coping won’t allow the light to pass easily. So the color match is not that great. Other disadvantages include the possibility of the porcelain piece (tooth color portion) of the crown chipping or breaking off, as well as the crown-wearing down the teeth opposite it in the mouth. For front or back teeth, porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns can be a viable option.

All-Ceramic Crown

When compared to other crown varieties, all-ceramic or all-porcelain dental crowns have the best natural color match. They’re also a fantastic option if you’re allergic to metals. They are not, however, as durable as porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. They can also wear down the teeth on the opposite side of the mouth more than metal or resin crowns. For front teeth, all-ceramic crowns are a viable option.

Zirconia crown

Dental crowns made of pressed ceramic have a firm inner core. The metal liner used in the all-ceramic crown-making method is replaced with pressed ceramic dental crowns. Porcelain crowns are capped with pressed ceramic crowns for the greatest natural colour match. In addition, they survive longer than an all-porcelain crown.

Acrylic resin: Dental crowns composed of resin are less expensive than other types of crowns. They are mostly used for temporary purposes and indicated for front teeth only. However, unlike porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, they deteriorate over time and are more likely to break.

What is the procedure to prepare a tooth for a dental crown?

To prepare for a dental crown, you’ll usually need two appointments with Sakti dental. 

Initial visit

The tooth that will get the crown is evaluated and prepared on the initial visit. X-rays of the tooth and its surrounding bone are taken. If you have a deep cavity/ fracture tooth/discolored tooth, we may need to perform a root canal treatment before placing your dental crown.

The top and sides of the tooth that will receive the crown will be filed down. This will create a small space for the crown. The quantity of tooth that is reduced is determined by the crown type. All-metal dental crowns are thinner than all-porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns and require less tooth preparation.

After the tooth has been reshaped, a paste or putty is used to make a copy (also known as an impression) of the tooth that will receive the crown. We take the opposing arch impressions also to prepare a dental crown with proper tooth contact. This is done to ensure that the crown does not interfere with your bite.

The best and India’s largest dental lab -Dentcare receives your models. The computer software generates a 3D model of the tooth. The digital design is then transported to another machine, which carves the crown shape out of a block of ceramic. Computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) is the process of creating a dental crown. 

The crowns are made in a laboratory as per our instructions and delivered to us in a couple of days. We usually build a chairside temporary crown to cover and preserve the prepped tooth while you wait for the permanent crown during your first office visit.

Second visit

The permanent crown is placed on your tooth at this second visit. 

The temporary crown is removed first, and the permanent crown’s fit and color are assessed. If all goes well, the new crown is permanently set in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are  some difficulties with your crown that you may encounter over time, including:

Discomfort or sensitivity:  It may occur if the tooth is not root canal treated and used as a support for a missing tooth in Crown& bridge preparation.  It will subside automatically in a few days. 

Difficulty in biting :  Some may feel a slight change in the bite or inability to bite properly, which indicates that the crown is slightly high on the tooth. If this is the case, contact us. This is a simple problem to solve by just adjusting the high points.

Chipping : Crowns constructed entirely of porcelain/ PFM  are prone to chipping while biting any hard objects. Small chips in the crown can be fixed, allowing you to keep the crown in your mouth. If the chip is large or there are several chips, the dental crown may need to be replaced.

Loose crown: The cement that holds the crown in place can sometimes wash out from beneath the crown. Not only does this allow the crown to loosen, but it also allows bacteria to enter the tooth and cause decay. Contact your dentist’s office if your crown seems loose.

Blackening of Gums:  A dark line adjacent to the gum line of your crowned teeth: You may notice a dark line next to the gum line of your crowned tooth. This is common, especially if your crown is porcelain bonded to metal. The metal of the crown is visible through this black stripe.

Tooth Fracture:  Because of marginal gaps, and improper maintenance there may be a chance for decay of the prepared tooth and fracture of the entire crown. To avoid this , If you feel any food lodgement around your crown fix an appointment.

Dental crowns typically endure between five and fifteen years. The amount of “wear and tear” a crown is exposed to, as well as how well you follow oral hygiene routines and personal mouth-related behaviours, can all affect its life span.

A crowned tooth does not necessitate any special attention. The underlying tooth, however, must be kept free of decay and gum disease. As a result, you should continue to maintain proper dental hygiene habits. Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day are recommended, especially at the crown area where the gum meets the tooth. To avoid cracking porcelain crowns, avoid biting on rough surfaces with porcelain crowns (for example, eating ice or popcorn hulls).

Dental crown prices vary based on the type of material chosen, technique involved, laboratory and other material charges. For example, all ceramic/zirconia crowns are higher than porcelain fused to metal crown /metal crowns. The approximate cost of dental crown in tirunelveli is anywhere between 3500 to 10000 INR  per crown.

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N. Naresh

IRS Joint Director, GST

Visited Dr. Shiva after reading the reviews online. Was a little sceptical because my only point of reference was online reviews but in the end must say that the experience far exceeded the expectations!! Dr. Shiva is one who not just loves his profession but also makes u fall in love with the same. He corrected the cross-bite of my 11 year old with ease. The time Dr. Shiva spends in explaining the issue is commendable (a rarity in today's world wherein health-care has become commercial and time is money). The discussion/ explanation/ education was so thorough that my son himself completely knew of the line of treatment and the necessary care to be taken. Not just that, the doctor is also available online for follow up queries!! the most affable doctor I have ever met (this I say after coming from a family of doctors;-)).. the clinic is well appointed, has advanced equipment and located in a serene place..probably the best orthodontist in Tirunelveli region.. I wish him all the best and success.. hope Dr. Shiva keeps spreading smiles!!

Jurgen van Oorschot

Dental Care Patient from Netherlands

I am going to Dr Sankars clinic for more then a year now for orthodontic treatment. I started my treatment in my native in the Netherlands. I was a bit reluctant to do so, but after meeting Dr Sankar for the first time I felt very confident. He takes you very serious as a patient. Does his job meticulous and keeps very good records. He is doing a more precise job then my Orthodontist in Netherlands was doing and having finished my treatment now finally I am very please with the result so I am very happy with the service and treatment provided by This Clinic and Dr Sankar. can recommend it to anyone looking for a treatment. the clinic is well organised and clean as well

Mohamed Bilal

Accountant, UAE

I had a very pleasant experience with this clinic. I had braces for 15 months with very good results ,I would like to thank my dentist Dr. shiva sankar and his dental Team ...Sakthi Dental Clinic is a truly first class outfit that are the epitome of professionalism ..The "care " & "friendliness" they're showing towards me is amazing, I Would highly recommend this clinic to my friends and family....

Kanchana M

Dental Care Patient

Shakti Clinic has been my go to doctor in Tirunelveli. He is very professional and explains the need for every process. Helps one resolve dental issues from the root of the problem. Quite an authority in the field and in times where people are looking to make profits, he on the other hand doesn't take you through unnecessary procedures., until it's needed. He is inclined more towards service than profits. And I'm a happy client of his for two years now.


Dental Care Patient

I had a very pleasant experience with this clinic. I had braces for 15 months with very good results ,I would like to thank my dentist Dr. shiva sankar and his dental Team ...Sakthi Dental Clinic is a truly first class outfit that are the epitome of professionalism ..The "care " & "friendliness" they're showing towards me is amazing, I Would highly recommend this clinic to my friends and family....

Shivakumar Mani

Dental Care Patient

I went for treatment for my broken teeths.Two teeths had broken diagonally and I was unable to chew or eat properly. The doctor examined carefully and suggested for a Root Canal treatment with affordable cost. Personal care was taken by the doctor during the treatment time and post dental care. One of the best clinics in the Town

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