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Teeth Whitening For a Million Dollar Smile

Teeth Whitening For a Million Dollar Smile

Teeth whitening is a prevalent dental procedure that dentists perform regularly. But due to the sheer number of teeth-whitening treatments available, you may be wondering if they are all done equally.

Whether aging, food, drinks, or cigarettes have discolored the brilliance of your smile, Read on to learn about the distinctions between DIY products and professional-level solutions and how this effective dental treatment can be the right solution for transforming the color of your teeth.


Tooth whitening is a common dental service to enhance and whiten the appearance of a patient’s smile. Teeth whitening treatments can visibly whiten the enamel color of your teeth, which are:

  • Opaque color
  • Yellowing as a result of age or tobacco use
  • Discolored as a result of beverages and other products
  • Spotting as a result of prescription drugs or illness


While it may sound tempting to go to the nearest store and buy non-personalized whitening toothpaste, mouthwashes, or strips, it is vital to have reasonable goals when using these products.

While relatively inexpensive to obtain, Homemade products generally contain a lower amount of lightning power compared to medical-grade teeth whitening treatments.

On the other hand, over-the-counter toothpaste and mouthwashes can be beneficial in helping to decrease surface discoloration that can build up on your teeth. For teeth lightening treatments to be most beneficial, they must be placed on the tooth’s surface for a set time.


All in all, almost nothing can beat the benefits of professional teeth whitening services when it comes to getting a significantly brighter and clearer smile.

Going to a teeth whitening dentist to improve the aesthetics of your smile with professional services can work as an excellent alternative to revive your appearance. Dental lightening treatments can have great advantages over over-the-counter formulas. Some of the main advantages include:

  • Safe and Tested
  • A means of personalized treatment
  • Faster
  • More consistent results
  • Greater effectiveness


To meet the goals of men and women who are well prepared for professional teeth whitening services, our experienced team is happy to offer laser and at-home bleaching options.

Our teeth whitening dentists work one-on-one with each patient to generate a personalized program to help people achieve their smile goals. Although some people prefer laser lightening solutions, others decide that a whitening treatment to use on your own time works best based on your daily life.

Our team at SAKTI DENTAL, Tirunelveli is proud to offer the following professional smile whitening options:


Teeth whitening uses an effective whitening solution and an advanced dental light to improve the whitening process significantly.

After an expert member of our team protects your teeth by treating the gums and mouth with protective barriers, we paint an even layer of professional illuminating gel, place our light in front of your teeth, and allow the Zoom! Technique to work.

Product is removed and reapplied in 15-minute increments, typically 2 to 3 sets. Focus! Professional strength teeth whitening can enhance tooth color in a single 45-minute treatment.


This treatment consists of custom-made whitening trays and a specially formulated whitening product to constantly lighten the teeth until the desired results are obtained.

Some patients choose to extend the rinse process after Zoom! In-office sessions with a take-home kit give your smile an illuminating enhancement whenever it becomes dull or diminished. To produce personal whitening trays, our friendly staff will make impressions of the upper and lower teeth.

From these molds, the shape of your teeth is molded and used to custom create your own unique whitening trays. Our dental experts will then help you select the level of at-home polishing solution to use based on its original color and desired results.

Most of the time, the trays will fit smoothly and can be used for many years to come.

Dr. Shiva Sankar

Dr. Shiva Sankar is the Clinical Director and Orthodontist at Sakti Dental Clinic, Tirunelveli with over 18+ years of experience in dentistry. He is also a Professor in the Department of Orthodontics, Rajas Dental College affiliated to, Dr.MGR Medical University. Dr. Shiva Sankar frequently publishes research papers in leading scientific national and international journals.

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